First Year Seminar

Small Steps are Progress Too!

It is quite often in life activities that progress doesn’t seem to be a common occurrence. I frequently feel like I am spinning my wheel, not accomplishing much, or getting stuck on the same tasks. I even feel as if some of the tasks I am doing are nonconstructive to my goals. These feelings come from viewing progress in the wrong light. See, progress isn’t always about get big tasks done, but it is also about small incremental steps that you can do every day in order to improve yourself, your thinking, and the world around you.

My First Year Seminar class reminds me a lot of this idea that by thinking open-mindedly about the tasks in front of you, you can receive a type of learning and progress that you would not get otherwise. To be successful in this course we need to allow ourselves to think in this fashion. I like to remember a saying from a great mentor of mine. He says “Big is little and little is Big.” This humbling statements reminds us all that we can not get caught up in big actions, ideas, and events, but instead focus on the little things in life. Smile at others who walk by you, say hi, be kind to people, and live in the present.

The hard part is changing your mindset and putting this into action. This is an action that doesn’t come easily and naturally to everyone. I believe that if we can come together as a collective community to bring each other up instead of pulling each other down, we can have most success with this. This includes working with different learning styles and understanding when we are being distracting to others. This also means, most importantly, coming to class in the present and with an open mind. If we distract each other, do not work on individual components of our projects, or do not show up to class, we can not achieve the progress we should be looking for.

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