Interdisciplinary Studies

Much Thinking

So far so good, I say to this class. I have been thinking lately much more than normal. Partially because I am back at school for the semester, but also because being here and in this class gives me an exceptional amount of empowerment. I am feeling empowered because I am in a spot where I can design a major that with work for my future. I am also being empowered because in this class, I am being equipped with the best skills to make my major a success. When I am done with this class, I know I will feel relieved that the major I have designed has been approved but others that I can trust and that I know have my best interests in mind.

I often looked at other schools “design your own major” programs and didn’t feel like they were a good idea. When you are going to college, you are looking to graduate with a degree that holds validity and people with view seriously. Lots of these programs did not seem to have the thoroughness to them that creates these types of majors. When I was ready to transfer out of community college, I noticed Plymouth State University’s Interdisciplinary Studies program and I found what I was looking for. Knowing that I am in a class that will help ensure my desired major has validity is confirming.

The other day we learned about Creative Commons. Creative Commons is all about the level of copyright that is one your creations. We often think that is you made it then you own it and although that is true, that does not ensure that we as owners are putting the proper restrictions on our work. Creative Commons helps us as creators put these restrictions in place. Most people know about Copyright which is the most restricted and Public Domain which is the most open, but many people don’t know about Creative Commons. Creative commons are the grounds in between copyright and public domain. The best thing is that you can put your own creative commons restrictions on your work. Your must be careful with other creators work though. Doubt checking the Creative Commons on someone else’s work is crucial to ensure you are not breaking any rules. The Creative Commons site with help you find pictures that are usable and will even allow you to copy and paste the available code for display.

In just a week’s time, Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies has begun to open my mind to the thoughts of an interdiscipline. Opening up our thoughts to different ideas and fields, we can look at thinks with a better scope of vision. I feel as if I am on track to seeing the bigger picture. Being part of Interdisciplinary Studies here at Plymouth State University makes me feel like I am part of something that is special and unique. It feels like being part of a movement. I am proud to say I am making the most of my education by taking control of it and making a path I can own. Not everyone can say that about their education.

“mountain” by barnyz is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

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