Interdisciplinary Studies

IDS and Higher Education

After reading 18 COLLEGES SHOULD RECONSTRUCT THE UNITY OF KNOWLEDGE, I came out with many thoughts about why Interdisciplinary Studies is important in higher Education and beyond. I began with a working title of IDS and Secondary Education but with careful consideration I changed it to IDS and Higher Education because I believe that Interdisciplinary education can and should continue throughout your entire life.

I find it quite puzzling to understand that most people do not know what Interdisciplinary Studies is. Whether they go to a school that doesn’t offer IDS or you don’t even realize that your school does, we need to be doing a better job helping people understand the values of thinking and learning like an Interdisciplinarian. If more students knew that IDS existed then more would be able and willing to take control of their education.

We also need to teach people that Interdisciplinarity is more than just a major choice for college. This is a mindset and a way of learning that stems farther than college itself can reach. Interdisciplinarity is for everyone whether you are majoring in it, taking a traditional major, or in the job force and community. Anyone can benefit from the ideals of IDS by adding more tools to their toolbox and learning how those tools work better together.

IDS is so important to our learning because it helps us to take control of our education by learning information that we are passionate about. Instead of just getting the grades so you can land a job that pays well, IDS encourages you to go on a quest for learning and gaining knowledge. When we equip ourselves in a way that gives us a knack for learning, we become lifelong learners. Lifelong learner embody the spirit of Interdisciplinarians and become integral parts of our communities.

We must teach of kids and students these aspects of higher education, Interdisciplinary Studies, and being lifelong learner. The truth is you are never too old to add another tool to your toolbox. Just how interdisciplinary studies is like creating a smoothie, with the right preparation, adding more fruit to that smoothie just might make it taste much better.

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