Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Reflection

Looking back at this semester, I feel two ways. I feel as if it flew by as a blur like I was almost not even here. The other side of me feels like this semester has been a great opportunity to practice my mindfulness and focusing on my tasks that are in the present more than I have in the past. Regardless of how this semester has gone, with countless ups and downs, Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies, has been a blessing to me. With all the challenges that occurred through this semester and my personal life, Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies has been the steady in my life where I have been able to explore myself and set in stone what I have been desiring in education for so many years.

            A theme of this course that really resonated with me was taking control of your education. I have honestly been working to take control of my education since high school and it was never as possible as would have been helpful. Now I feel differently. I feel like I am now part of a program that I belong to and that I am equipped with tools that with help me steer my education in the direction that I need to go. As we take control of our education, we are more involved in not only picking what classes we are taking and how our schedule will look, but also what we are learning when we participate in a class.

            During this class I really liked working on my Personal Learning Network and my Eport. It was hard for me to keep up with posting on my Eport and I fell behind in posts at the beginning of class due to being sick and other challenges this semester. I did not let that stop me though. I was able to pick it back up and create posts that I was happy to showcase. I even have spent time improving my Eport. Although I have a long way to go with it, I believe it is on the right track. I also see the value in having an Eport for an online portfolio of my work. My PLN works very similarly but it is something that I am very dedicated to grown and I will continue that throughout my life.

            Furthering my ideas in Interdisciplinary Studies has been the most helpful tool to me. One example of this teaching is how Interdisciplinary Studies is a fruit smoothie and not a fruit salad. By combining our disciplines, we are gain a knowledge that is not obtained in other ways. These disciplines are stronger together. The fruit tastes so much better together in the fruit smoothie. I believe that learning about the ways of interdisciplinary studies is extremely helpful for us. I wish that there were more opportunities for classes like this one. Furthering our ideas and understanding with more classes, even if they were in a one or two credit form, would in my mind help me stay focused why this is am important major to me.

I loved diving into the certain aspects of creating my major. The thorough search of what classes are offered on campus gave me a fantastic understanding of the college. The planning guide helped me focus my time. It most importantly helped me balance out the classes I will be taking. The only way I will stay sane is not taking all business or marketing classes in one semester and the guide helped me do this. Lastly, the essay was where my passions and ideas turned into words. I was worried about the structure or name of my major and after getting it into words a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I had little doubt that my major would not be approved because of the passion within my explanation.

            Seeing this class come to an end is bittersweet. This is a feeling you don’t get at the end of most classes. Most of the time you are rejoicing to have finished and survived a class, but this is not the same feeling. I am sad that the next time I will be in a class with just students focusing on Interdisciplinary studies is my last semester of college but, I am happy I was able to learn from so many others Interdisciplinarians about what they are so passionate in. Lastly, I am hopeful that myself and many others are stronger because we have found a program that allows us to further cultivate our passions. I now believe I am part of a program that I should belong to. Interdisciplinary Studies feels like a home to me at Plymouth State and with stay that way until I graduate.

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