Hi Everyone, I am Joe Mitchell. I am from Woodsville, NH, not far from here. As a student here at Plymouth State University, coming from community college before here, I am always excited for the plentiful options and opportunities. While being close to communities I hold dear to me, PSU is a place that will help me Cultivate My World.

I am majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, where I plan to study entrepreneurship, sustainability, photography, and diversified agriculture. These field fit well together with what I plan to do throughout my life. I am on a search for real and practical education that is hands on and will help me get the skills I am looking for. In hopes to work mostly for myself my entire life, I am not looking to showcase my degree to employers but instead use it as a tool for myself. When Graduating I hope to have a degree called Sustainable and Diversified Entrepreneurship.

I am also doing my career different than most students are as I have already started it. I am working on starting a drink business called Yeoman Brewing Company. I make iced tea, cold brew coffee, kombucha, chaga, and lemonade. Progress towards this business has been in my mind since freshman year of high school. I sell these drinks at farmers’ markets during the summer and hope to sell in stores in a few years. Starting a business is something that most don’t start until they are out of college but I am doing it now.

Sustainability is one of the top goals for my business besides being passionate for the environment and the outdoors. It is important that I learn about the environment and the top ways to be sustainable so I can keep my business responsible. Then learning agriculture will help me be able to grown some of my own ingredients and expand into other products.